The Hyde Bangkok

Hyde Bangkok @ Sukhumvit 3 bedroom

The Hyde Bangkok is an awesome new luxury condo on Soi 13, Sukhumvit.

Very close to Nana BTS and Sukhumvit Road the Hyde states it has one of the biggest swimming pools in Bangkok. The pool wraps around the building. I’ve seen it from the Trendy builsing which is direclty opposite the Hyde but I haven’t had a dip yet.

Also next to the Hyde lives an old woman in a traditional Thai house which is engulfed by the colossal building next door/behind it. I just hope the developers tried to buy this ladies land and she scared them off with some Thai Voodoo! . . . or a shotgun.

For more info on the Hyde, room sizes, images, prices etc you can check out The Hyde Bangkok . . . unfortunately I have no further info on the little old lady and her shotgun but if anyone has please comment.

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